Esenzya Ambassador/Affiliate Program

Welcome to our Affiliate Program. The Esenzya Affiliate program helps content creators, bloggers and influencers monetize their traffic.

SELL cbd and earn comissions affiliate program

With our CBD products for sale on, affiliates use our link building tools to direct their audience to our site and earn money through the purchases attached to each link.

How does it work?

Easy! Register, explain us how you plan to sell whether through a blog, instagram account, tik tok or simply using classified ads…

Once we accept your application, you will be part of our affiliate program, each affiliate/ambassador can control their clicks and earnings through their affiliate panel within their personal account on this website.

Our commission is one of the highest in the market, we are paying 20% on every sale made by each customer you bring to the store and not only that! During the 90 days term you will keep getting paid if your customer keeps buying new products.

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In addition, we use a system of cookies with which if one of your customers comes to buy 30 days after his visit to the web you will take your commission.

We pay every two weeks the corresponding commissions, usually via Paypal or bank transfer.

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