alcohol and cbd

CBD and alcohol


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound found mainly in the cannabis and hemp plants and is used to bring a relaxing aura to the user. It is naturally occurring but unlike THC, which is also another compound in the cannabis plant, it does not give you a high or the munchies.

Alcohol is a beverage that is very common and used widely in many cultures of the world for different reasons. It is made from ethanol, a compound found in fermented fruits like grapes, coconuts, or grains like wheat.


Despite the ability of the human body to function perfectly fine without any drug intake, most of the world’s adult population prefers to get intoxicated every once in a while. There’s a wide range of intoxicants discovered over the many years of existence. Some of these are alcoholic drinks, CBD oils and products, cannabis itself, tobacco and many others. Some people use just one of these above but others prefer to mix some of them for that euphoric feeling.

Cannabidiol-CBD, as many refer to it, has been a major part of the entertainment sector for a long while and has recently been bombarding the industry.

It comes in many forms and styles, especially since now you can get any CBD extracts in almost everything, ranging from bath salts, soap, cosmetics like lip sticks and glosses and the like.

It is quite a good substitute for smokers who are trying to quit, or alcohol addicts who want to curb their intake.

Others want to get the ultimate experience with CBD products so they like mixing CBD and alcoholic beverages. As good a feeling as it might get, studies have been made to determine if there are any effects of mixing CBD oils and products with alcohol. This article will dig deep into the pros and cons of mixing these two products.

What happens when you mix CBD and alcohol?

CBD oils and alcohol when mixed give a higher level of intoxication since they compliment and accentuate each other’s effects. Some breweries have even taken to making beer or liquor that has some levels of CBD in them. This has greatly attracted customers and the numbers of CBD and alcohol ‘mixers’ rise each day. Some also take the CBD oils and products then take alcohol soon after and the effects are more or less the same as taking CBD spiked alcohol.

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Pros and cons of mixing CBD products and alcohol

Just like most things, mixing CBD oils and alcohol has its own advantages and disadvantages as shown below;


1.They amplify each other

Studies have shown that when mixed together, CBD oils and alcohol may significantly amplify the effects of their intake when done together than when done separately. This is basically gold to individuals who don’t get intoxicated easily and want to experience that serene calmness of elated inebriation.

2. CBD oils reduce chances of alcohol addiction or withdrawal symptoms

People who take alcohol alone get more easily dependent on the alcohol than people who use both CBD oils and alcohol together.

3. Mixing these two is believed to protect an individual from alcohol poisoning

CBD oils have properties that dilute the ethanoic properties of alcohol hence making chances of poisoning less likely.

4.You spend less

Mixing CBD products and alcohol means having more than one sense in your body stimulated, and this consequently results in a quicker high. This means that you will use less of the two to get to that high you crave hence saving your money.


When CBD oils and alcohol are mixed, a number of things may occur;

1.Mixing alcohol and CBD causes sedation

Using very high doses of CBD products and alcohol may lead to a state of sedation. This leaves you either fully or partly unconscious of your sorroundings or the activities going on around you. This may pose as a problem where one can either be kidnapped, get into accidents or worse. You should always be with people you trust well when mixing CBD and alcohol to avoid any of the above.

2.All intoxicants are harmful to the body

One way or the other, any intoxicant that is not medical has effects in the human body.

Our bodies need constant care and detoxification, and while the high you will get is amazing, at the end of the day the effects of too much use of these products will catch up to your body. Mixing CBD products and alcohol is no exception to this.

3.Lack of cognitive and motor control when intoxicated

Alcohol in itself when taken in very high doses will cause an individual to lose their bearings. Mixing alcohol and CBD oils will only elevate these effects and may lead to accidents.

4.Causes nausea and vomiting

Whether CBD is used alone or with alcohol, the nauseousness accompanying it can always be expected. Even more so when the two are mixed since alcohol causes the same effect when taken in large amounts.

5.May cause liver damage

Even though studies have shown that CBD reduces the blood alcohol ratio, it does not render someone immune to the effects of alcohol intake and therefore liver damage is and should be a concern when mixing alcohol and CBD products.


How long should one take to drink alcohol after taking CBD oils?

It will take between 6 and 8 hours for the CBD oils to go through the digestive system, then it’s safe to drink alcohol without mixing with the CBD products.

Can you take CBD and then add alcohol ?

Yes. Some mix directly into the alcohol like wine, while others take the CBD oils first then alcohol for the same effect.

Does CBD reduce drunkenness?

Studies have shown that when mixing CBD oils with alcohol, the blood alcohol content is lower than taking just alcohol. It however does not reduce the drunkenness but rather makes you more intoxicated.


Mixing CBD oils and alcohol has its benefits like relaxation and fighting anxiety but also excessive intake of alcohol can lead to serious health issues like liver cirrhosis. It is good to live and drink responsibly.

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