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What is CBD oil?

CBD or Cannabidiol is found majorly in the marijuana and hemp plant as a compound among other compounds like THC. Since its discovery, many doctors and scientists have conducted different tests and procedures to determine the pros and cons of using CBD products.

It has been discovered that Cannabidiol can be infused into oils, alcohol, water, other medicines, and even clothes! CBD oils are misperceived to cause a high since it comes from the cannabis itself but it does not. This is because the high that one gets when they smoke marijuana or weed comes from a compound in the same cannabis plant called THC. This THC is responsible for the feeling of complete relaxation or appetite that comes with maybe vaping, smoking or eating marijuana.

CBD oils are used by very many different types of people with different ethnicities, of different ages and different health statuses. Some take CBD for pain relief, others use these oils as energizers, and others like to mix them with alcoholic drinks in order to get a more euphoric feeling. In the long run, CBD oils and products can be used differently and for different purposes.

What is CBD oil used for?

CBD oils are being used by a major part of the world population, either as medicine, or mood boosters, while others use them as after work out supplements. Some more of these uses are;

CBD oils can be used to reduce anxiety levels

The on-psychoactive nature of the CBD compound enables it to relieve anxiety symptoms. However, CBD with high levels of THC may increase anxiety so it’s important to use CBD products that are balanced to avoid complications.

They can be used as relaxants

Body tension can result from overwhelmed muscles, sickness or even stress. Once ingested, CBD oils aid in relaxing tout muscles since it has properties that reduce the movement of chemical receptors in the body.

It’s a major component of medical marijuana used for pain relief

Medical marijuana that has more CBD than THC will given relief but not a high, while that which contains more THC gives the high.

CBD is used by insomniacs to find sleep better

The relaxing nature of CBD oils help lull one into sleep even when they have problems falling asleep.

Some alcohol addicts use CBD to help maintain sobriety

Alcohol addiction can be curbed by many methods, including using CBD products to help take minimal amounts of alcohol. Tests have shown that mixing CBD and alcohol heightens your intoxication levels and one therefore ends up drinking less than they normally do when it’s just alcohol alone.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of CBD oil?


  1. It can cure some selective forms of epilepsy

Some forms of epilepsy mostly in children are so severe, they can’t be controlled by normal anti seizures. CBD products have however been proven to aid in the cure of epileptic symptoms.

  1. Protects against chronic pain

By slowing down receptors of pain in the brain, CBD oils successfully aid in chronic pain management for illnesses like meningitis and cancer.

  1. Neuroprotection

CBD helps control certain neurodegenerative illnesses like psychotic anxiety or depression. This aids the patients to have a better chance at surviving with these illnesses.


CBD products may cause a number of different negative effects as mentioned below;

  1. It may cause nausea

Some CBD users especially the oral takers may complain of getting nauseated and even vomiting sometimes. This is one of the negative effects of taking CBD especially in high doses.

  1. Can react with some medication

For example antibiotics, antidepressants and blood thinners, whereby CBD reduces the metabolism of the enzymes in these medications.

  1. Lack of appetite

This aspect of CBD usually attracts people who are interested in losing weight. Using CBD will reduce your appetite since it does not give you the munchies as THC does and therefore result in reduced weight. This property might not be so attractive to those who want to gain weight though.

Things you should know before using CBD oils

Before purchasing or using any CBD products, you need to do the following;

Find out what CBD is and what it does to the body.

Find out the different forms in which these products occur, for example as oils, pills, infused in alcohol, other medicines, lube or even clothes.

Find a knowledgeable expert to give you a crash lecture on the CBD oils and their function in your body.

Determine which form works best for you with the help of a doctor to help manage the purpose of taking the CBD.

Ensure you do not mix CBD oils with the respective other medications that do not react with these CBD products.

It is always better to be cautious and safe, than being careless and mix different medications that could harm your body in the future.

What people ask;

Can you be addicted to CBD oils and products?

It has been proven that CBD products do not have an addictive effect no matter how long and how much you use them.

Are CBD products expensive?

No. CBD products range averagely in terms of prices and are actually quite affordable, be it commercial or medical subscription.

Will CBD cure my anxiety?

CBD reduces the symptoms of anxiety by helping slow down brain receptors and consequently calming you down.

Is CBD illegal?

It varies from country to country, but in the Union Europe, CBD products are legal although the regulations are different in each state.

Does CBD make one more sexually aroused?

CBD increases blood flow and reduces pain and most women find that using CBD infused lube makes them have better sexual encounters.


CBD oils and products are bombarding the market in many different forms and from different sources. It is therefore imperative that you do your research beforehand, and find out as much as you can about the products that you get into your body.

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