CBD tea

CBD tea

What is Cannabidiol(CBD) tea

CBD is one of the many compounds found in cannabis and hemp plants. It’s mainly popular for its ability to help you to relax, without getting high. Tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) is another major component of cannabis and hemp. THC is the component responsible for the high you get when you smoke pot. CBD products do not intoxicate since they contain minimal to no THC at all.

CBD tea is just regular tea infused with drops of cannabidiol. Most people nowadays are preferring to take their CBD in tea to reduce the slight bitterness that accompanies taking the raw CBD oil under the tongue. Any type of tea can be used to take CBD, be it chamomile tea, ice tea, or plain old tea.

Hemp and Cannabis

These two are ‘cousins’ that derive from marijuana, and therefore contain more or less the same components and compounds. The hemp plant however contains much less THC than cannabis and is the best for extracting CBD from according to FDA. Some governments have legalized hemp-derived CBD but disregard cannabis CBD since they believe it contains high amounts of THC, which is considered a narcotic.

Advantages of CBD tea

It helps you sleep better

The soothing effect that is brought about by CBD is so good it knocks you right out. This combined with some warm tea ensures maximum results and in the shortest time possible, one can sleep better, and for longer than usual.

Lowers anxiety, tension, and depression

CBD probes the serotonin in the brain that is responsible for feeling anxious, or depressed and slows the receptors down giving you a calming feeling, therefore, reducing anxiety and depression signs.

Soothes nerves

For example, having a deadline at work gives you restlessness and steals your peace of mind. After taking a few drops of CBD oil in your tea in the morning or the night before leaves you feeling relaxed and calm. This enables you to do the work with patience and no rush giving you good results as compared to doing a job with an unsettled mind.


Treats epileptic seizures

Medical studies on the effect of CBD products on epileptic patients have been done for the longest time. This was among the first uses of CBD that were discovered to be effective. Epilepsy patients, especially children, who were taking CBD products were found to get fewer seizures as compared to those who didn’t take the CBD at all.

Relieves chronic pain

Especially cancer and arthritis patients who deal with a great deal of pain have attested to CBD working for them and particularly when incorporated in tea. It could be their love for CBD tea, or the hot liquid makes the oils seep more rapidly into the bloodstreams, therefore, evoking an instant relief.

It may relieve asthmatic symptoms

CBD oil is believed to have the ability to reduce the hyperresponsiveness of the lungs meaning they become less likely to clog up and block the airways thus triggering an attack. The study is still underway to determine whether CBD is the next big thing in asthmatic treatments.

How to make CBD tea

  • Boil water

Preferably clean running water like tap water.

  • Add tea leaves

You can either add your normal flavored tea bag or one with CBD in it. In the latter case, there will be no need to add drops of CBD oil to the tea later.

  • Add sugar or honey

This is entirely optional and does not affect the effects of the CBD in the tea. Add a little honey to taste if you’re cutting down on sugar.

  • Add a few drops of CBD oil using a measuring device

Add CBD oil as prescribed by your doctor, or if you’re a beginner and don’t have that much information on CBD, try using between 10 to 40 milligrams of CBD oil per cup of tea.

CBD does not cause any intoxication, and thus cannot make you high, just a bit relaxed. It’s safe to use small doses increasingly as you go, to avoid feeling nauseous or having a dry mouth due to using too much for the first time.

  • Enjoy!

Enjoy the joys of taking your favorite tea while at the same time taking care of your body and mind.

Other ways to take CBD

Over the years, specialists have come up with many modes of taking CBD products such as food additives, as oil drops into the mouth, preferably at the base of the tongue for faster absorption. It can also be taken as crystals dissolved in drinking water. Some women even have sports bras infused with CBD for when working out. CBD has been diversified to fit the lifestyles and preferences of its many users.

Personal CBD Tea experience

I’m an insurance salesperson and my job requires a sharp mind and a strong will at heart. I recently discovered about CBD and I haven’t looked back since!

The constant pressure at work and my over-expecting boss have almost driven me mad with anxiety. A friend noticed my unusual tendencies of biting my nails constantly and withdrawing to myself and suggested I try something new. She then bought me a bottle of CBD oil and gifted it to me, taught me how much I should use and the different ways I can use it. I ended up preferring it in my tea although I’m more of a coffee person. I have been looking for a way to quit my unhealthy coffee drinking and finally, it’s working! I stress way less, I take two cups of CBD tea every day and I can sleep much better now. My clients no longer make me anxious since I’m always so relaxed but in control of my own body and actions at the same time. I can confidently say that CBD tea has transformed my life for the better!


Do you recommend CBD tea?

Yes! CBD tea is life-changing and you won’t want to use CBD any other way after tasting it.

Does CBD tea clear my skin?

The anti-inflammatory capacity of CBD may reduce redness, swelling and reduce sebum production from skin cells. This helps control swelling from inflammations and consequently results in smoother skin.


CBD is a multipurpose product and studies are still underway to determine its importance in the medical field. It is good for skin, hair, nerves, and many other restorative benefits without any psychoactive effects.

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