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CBD has to be medically tested and legally approved before customer use. By federal law enforcement agencies, most marijuana and CBD uses are still dominantly illegal and require certain specifications to reach that legal grey area.

Most States in Europe and the US have however established laws and regulations governing the use of marijuana and CBD. This has given hemp and cannabis farmers a platform to build a legally approved business, by meeting the FDA requirements.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical component derived from hemp and cannabis plants. It is just one among very many other compounds like THC, which is responsible for the high and munchies you get from marijuana.

CBD is surging rapidly in the market and being purchased just as fast. It is therefore falling unto the governments to integrate CBD and take legal measures to ensure this product is not being abused.

CBD products have to be safe for human consumption before they reach the retailer. It’s also illegal in many countries to use or sell CBD products containing more than 0.3% THC in them.

Before using retail CBD, ensure that your doctor knows and approves the product to avoid any complications.

Is marijuana (pot) legal in Europe?

Most drugs in the UK are classified according to their harshness and severity. For example, heroin and cocaine are categorized as class A drugs due to the solemnity of the drugs and the damage they can cause to the human body.

Pot, together with codeine and other less severe drugs are class B type of drugs and have a lower penalty than class A.

Marijuana has become so popular it has a whole movement supporting its legalization in very many countries of the world. However, only a few of these countries have legalized its use and distribution, while others have strict laws against marijuana use.

Recreational marijuana is therefore illegal in most of Europe and may incur up to 14 years in prison or a penalty for the crime of growing and distribution. Sometimes it can be both, and it’s therefore important to avoid it.

However, recently many law enforcers are turning a blind eye to those offenders found with less than one ounce of marijuana for personal recreational use. It is however still recorded and might pop up if a background check is done on an individual for any illegal dealings in the future.

Nevertheless, the police do not overlook the crime of using recreational marijuana in public and a fine is usually necessary in such a case. One can however decline to pay the penalty and move the issue to court, but you will presumably end up paying or spending much more than the specified fine if the case is lost.

Is cannabidiol legal in European countries?

CBD has been booming in the market especially since now it can be infused with a lot of products like balms, oils, food supplements among others.  These products are then used for their anti-inflammatory nature, their pain-relieving properties, and the very many other benefits of CBD. Many European countries have legalized the use of CD products as long as they meet the standards, that is they have to contain a minimum of 0.2% THC.

Slovakia state has however not made CBD or its products legal as the many other state members of the European Union have.

Can I bring Cannabidiol(CBD) products to the UK?

Things like oils and products are very much okay to bring to the UK, BUT it is essential to ensure that they meet the statutes of CBD products in Europe.

These products cannot contain any amount of THC in them and have to be very carefully tested to ensure they’re safe for human consumption ion.

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CBD flower and the UK law

 CBD flower or buds are regretfully illegal in the UK and cannot be legally sold even when it contains below 0.2% THC. This may be because the CBD flower is derived from an area in the hemp plant that is impeded from use.

Can I sell CBD legally in Europe?

The European Union has approved cannabidiol as nonnarcotic since it does not cause any intoxication to the body. However, not all components are considered equal in the EU law. It is stated that there’s no need to have a registration to sell CBD products as long as they meet the 0.2% minimum THC rule and are from hemp. It is therefore very possible to sell CBD products legally in the UK if they contain close to non-existent t levels of THC and do no harm to the consumer.

 Legality status of CBD and Marijuana in some European countries

The legality of CBD and pot differs between specific countries and the kind of laws that govern them. It is very legal to smoke pot or use CBD products in certain states like;


As a member of the EU, Croatia has legalizedd CBD as long as it’s derived from medical hemp and contains less than 0/2% THC.


This is also another EU member, making CBD an automatically legal substance here, all terms and conditions applied.


CBD use is permitted, as long as there’s minimal THC in the products.


Here, the terms of legality are a bit different, since CBD is only legal when and if it’s obtained by cold pressing as a method of extraction. Any other method used like Carbon dioxide makes the end product illegal, giving CBD a legal grey area.

Some states have entirely restricted CBD use like Iceland, Georgia, Monaco, and many others.


CBD is only partly legal in some states, unrestricted in others, and has to have distinct properties for the seller to not get into trouble, and it’s illegal in other states. You should always study the dynamics of the law on CBD and marijuana in the state you’re in to avoid jail time or penalties.

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