What is CBD?

What is CBD?


There are hundreds of different compounds in the marijuana and hemp plants called cannabinoids. CBD is one of these compounds and is found more concentrated in the hemp plant, which has lesser THC levels than the marijuana plant.

Despite millions of people using CBD and marijuana-related products, a bigger percentage of them do not understand the basics of CBD, THC, and the other compounds that they ingest.

This article will show you the potential advantages of CBD, the best methods to use CBD, and the Dos and Don’ts when using CBD. It has broken down the different types of CBD, then the feedback resulting from the abundant research projects that have been done so far on cannabis and hemp plants.

What forms does CBD come in?

CBD products come in many forms and textures such as;


These oils are extracted from the hemp or marijuana by many methods,including the most common,which is carbon dioxide (Co2) extraction. The hemp is placed in a chamber that is later filled with Co2 gas to get the oil, which is later distilled to remove the unwanted compounds.


CBD balms can be made the same way as the oils,but it is made into a thicker texture to make it so that you can rub onto a body part.

Isolate/ Crystals

After extraction,manufacturers further work on the products to produce a refined version of the CBD. The other compounds are completely removed, leaving CBD in its purest form. It is then crystalized into solid crystals and sold.


CBD wax is very concentrated and does not intoxicate. It’s derived from the hemp plant,and is preferred by customers mainly because due to its conc nature,it gives an almost instant relief to pain.

Types of CBD

The most common types of CBD are;

Broad spectrum CBD

Most CBD users tend to think broad spectrum CBD is better than the other types. This is due to the fact that it does not contain THC,the compound responsible for the high in marijuana.

It however contains other compounds found in the plant,which enable it’s ability to help relieve chronic pain,and aid in reducing epileptic seizures.

MAKO CBD oil 10%

Full spectrum CBD

This type contains some other compounds apart from CBD like THC,and when taken in high amounts,it could actually give you the high depending on the amount of THC present in it. To avoid this,take in small doses or go for the purified CBD oils.

CBD isolate

This is the purest form of CBD especially since most of the other compounds present in marijuana or hemp are removed and only the Cannabidiol remains. It is consequently more expensive and more CBD concentrated than the other types.

Is CBD isolate less effective than the other types?

CBD isolate or crystals are very pure and contain just CBD and no other compounds. Reviews from some customers have shown the effectiveness of isolate to be less than the full and broad spectrums.

This is because the other types of CBD have other compounds available in the products. It is discussed that the full spectrum and broad spectrum perform better because of the presence of these other compounds like THC and teepenes.

However,CBD isolate has its own share of benefits like reducing inflammation,pain relief and reduci depressive anxiety without the THC related intoxication.

Potential advantages of CBD

Pain relief

This is among the top most uses that CBD products are purchased for either commercially or in hospitals.

Reduces anxiety and depression symptoms

CBD probes the hormone serotonin,which is responsible for feeling happy,anxious, sleepy or even depressed. This helps reduce the symptoms of sleeplessness and anxiety thus helping curb these conditions.

Controlling neurodegenerative diseases

These are diseases that affect the brain’s activity causing it to deteriorate or even die with time. Alot of extensive research is being conducted to figure out what CBD products can do to help reduce the inflammation caused by some of these diseases,for example multiple sclerosis.

CBD reduces blood alcohol content

Studies have shown that when mixed with CBD,alcohol blood ratio is lower than when the same amount of alcohol is taken alone.

It is used as an anti-inflammatory drug

Receptors in the body are slowed down by CBD in a way that reduces inflammation which occurs when cells swell rapidly around a certain body part.

Epileptic seizure treatment or Anti-seizure medication

This has been proven to work on special cases of pediatric epilepsy,where the normal anti-seizure medication simply does not work. CBD was proven to reduce these seizures associated with epilepsy especially in children.

Potential side effects of CBD

Dry mouth

Cbd products have been reported to cause drying of the mouth. This is especially the case for those who take the products orally.

Loss of appetite

CBD does not give one the munchies like THC does,thus many people find that they have a lesser will to eat than when they haven’t taken CBD. It could however be a blessing in disguise for those struggling with weight loss.


Especially when starting the CBD journey, one is bound to experience nausea.  In some cases however, it actually helps reduce that nauseous feeling depending on the individual.


Is CBD legal?

In the federal point of view, CBD from hemp with less than 0.3% of THC is legal. It is important to note that CBD is legal only in a few states and very illegal in others, just like recreational marijuana is.

How do I use CBD?

You can use CBD orally through drinking in your water,or in your alcohol. You can also apply on your skin especially CBD oils and balms. Some people even put it in their food,others dissolve CBD crystals in coconut or olive oil for their hair.

Does CBD cure acne?

Acne may be caused by many things,like a dirty pillow, or menses in women,but mostly it’s caused by too much sebum being produced in the sebatical glands. CBD is believed to slow down the action in these glands resulting in lesser sebum being produced thus controlling acne.

Final thougts

Research on CBD products is still in it’s raw stages and you should therefore always consult with a doctor before using CBD products for health issues. More research on uses of CBD and it’s impact on the medical field is still underway and specialists are learning more and more about CBD each day.

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