Dust MIX 5% and 10% CBD


2.4221.78 VAT inlcluded

  • Flower with 5% CBD
  • Grown in greenhouse
  • Made in Spain
  • Fast shipping


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Dust MIX 5% and 10% de CBD

Dust is a mix of flowers from our varieties, Butch, Pumpkin and Mia Wallace, these are mini buds that have been shredded generally at the bottom of the bag and can not be counted as a whole bud, retain all the properties and has a lot of smell.

The CBD amounts are 5% to 10% and the THC amounts do not exceed the legal limit of 0.2%, in fact these flowers do not exceed 0.018% THC.

Each bag comes with a little something extra, we are generous because we want to give the best and we understand that the flower consists of branches and small cut flowers which add to the weight.

Our bags come sealed and have a sealing clip and we press the seals to maintain the freshness of the flower and the smell.

Our CBD Butch, Pumpkin and Mia Wallace flowers are CBD flowers grown in a glass nursery with natural light during the summer season. Each batch of flowers is dated and tested.

CBD flowers are 100% legal in Europe, and our CBD hemp assortments are EU affirmed (industrial hemp).

All our flowers are certified THC-free.

  • Butch, Pumpkin and Mia W. CBD hemp buds
  • CBD-content: +-5% – 10%
  • Less than 0,04% THC


  • We ship fast, with delivery in 24-72hr. in all Union Europe countries.
  • Our shipments are discreet and come in a double opaque anti-breakage bag, shipments come with a tracker.
Dust flor de cbd desmenuzada
Dust flor de cbd desmenuzada
Dust flor de cbd desmenuzada

1gr., 2gr., 5gr., 10gr.


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