Start selling CBD the easy way!

While you manage your sales, customers, marketing… we do the shipping for you, thanks to our white label products, so you can focus only on what really matters.

dropshipping for CBD products in Europe

What is CBD Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an order processing technique in which a shop does not stock the items it sells. The shop buys the item from an external supplier, in this case us, and we deliver it to the customer. Therefore, the seller does not need to deal with the item directly, nor with the stock, …..

The biggest difference between Dropshipping and the standard retail model is that the seller does not have stock, only deals with advertising the product and manage sales through its website, then makes the order through private B2B shop and we are dedicated to make the shipment of the product, manage stock, paperwork, etc..

What do we mean by white label CBD?

We call it white label because we do not add any kind of branding to the products we sell in Dropshipping, so you can sell the product as if it were your own.

Advantages of CBD Dropshipping with Esenzya

  • We ship your products within 24hrs.
  • We ship all products with 100% legal analysis.
  • EC regulated labelling
  • Products in high demand
  • We do not add promotional material
  • We ship all over Europe
  • No minimum order, just an annual fee of 100€.
  • Wide range of products in stock

What do I need to start selling CBD?

Easy!  You will need a website where you can process your sales and a channel where you can get traffic from people who are interested in buying your product like Instagram, tiktok, twitter… Thanks to the quality of our product we can guarantee that your customers will repeat, so you will have customers buying weekly or monthly, which means you will have recurring sales.

Do you need help with the web?

We are partners of, they will help you to set up your eCommerce shop for CBD sales within one week, at an incredible price plus they will help you in the implementation of Esenzya essential content and payment gateway management:

OK, I've got the website, now what?

Ok, fine, fill in our form, and we will send you our terms and conditions and evaluate your site before we can accept you, because we want our products to be sold on quality websites, not sold to minors and not using malicious techniques to sell our products that could affect our business.

Within a matter of days you will receive your acceptance:

Once your business is accepted we will ask you for an annual fee of €100, as you will have access to a private shop where you can buy our CBD products at cost price.

We will send you photos, videos and texts so that you can implement them on your website and we are always available in case you have any questions about our products or need additional material.

Through your private account you will have access to a shop where you will find all our white label products, at cost price.

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